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01-22-2013, 14:28
I have a Glock 29 and a TLR-3. It's a beautiful combination. However, finding holsters is proving difficult. I have a Raven for my G19, but Ravens are quite expensive and they take a LONG time to ship. I wanted a White Dog but they don't make them for TLR-3's, at least not according to the web site (sent email to confirm).

Who knows of another kydex holster maker who will produce for this combo?



Cosmo M3
01-22-2013, 14:32
i had a custom kydex holster for my G19 and TLR-3

the mounts on the TLR-3 broke after a holstering a few times

01-22-2013, 18:59
I believe Crown Holsters makes one - http://crownholsters.com/holsters/royal-light-compatible-holsters-169.html

I have not ordered one yet, but they claim a 1 week lead time and are a little cheaper than Raven. Several reports online say they are comparable in build quality to the Raven.

I think regular holsters are $50 and light bearing models are $65.