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Andrew Wiggin
01-22-2013, 14:37
10mm hand load fired from EAA Witness through four layers of denim. 155 gr Barnes TAC-XP over 8.0 gr of 800-X, new Starline brass, Winchester LP primer. Data is noted in the video and in video description.

Gel test: 10mm 155 gr Barnes TAC-XP @ 1,165 fps - YouTube

01-22-2013, 15:35
Cool. I've always liked the Barnex-X rifle bullets back in the days when I was still hunting. I remembered Barnes was modifying the X bullet for defensive type of shooting, but never really paid much attention to the new type.

Andrew Wiggin
01-22-2013, 16:54
Bear in mind, this bullet and powder combination can probably go quite a bit faster. This was just the starting point.

01-22-2013, 17:33
That's what I liked about the Barnes X bullet - no lead to lose and it takes a lot to fragment the all copper round.