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01-23-2013, 12:08
Just picked up a New Glock 30s today in Spokane Washington

SO far it feels great, I was shopping for a new ccw and hardly anything is out there right now, I was VERY lucky and blessed to pick this up.

Initial Thoughts:
Magazine extensions are great
Breaks down easy like I have heard Glocks do
First glock I have ever held that pointed straight for me and felt good in my hand
Cant wait to shoot it tomorrow! I will add to this post after I have had it to the range.
Extremely accurate, most accurate pistol I have ever shot.
Magazines are extremely tight, they have loosened up over the past 5 days though with rounds in them.
I ordered a 9 round flush mag to make the carry even better.

I REALLY LIKE IT SO FAR, more pics below and the requested pic to look at width.

Anyone else got one of these coming?