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01-23-2013, 14:36
Ok. So I have been reading lots of reports from shot show on the Glock 30 S and there is something I can't figure out. Many journalists are reporting that this new subcompact has a glock 36 slide mounted on a glock 30 sf frame. However, when comparing the specs/dimensions of the glock 30 SF and the glock 30 S on glock's website, you'll find their virtually identical. The slide width of a G36 is 1.1 inches whereas the glock 30 S is listed as being 1.28 inches wide (actually wider than the Glock 30 SF). So my questions is, does anyone have a clue what void the glock 30 S is supposed to fill?

01-23-2013, 14:52
The width specification is measured at the widest part of the grip, not the slide (the diagram leads one to believe they're measuring the slide, but not so). Because they measure the width of the grip, the G30S and G30SF in the specs are the same (both pistols have the Gen3 G30SF frame). G30SF at 1.27" and G30S at 1.28" is likely just a difference in rounding as the metric width are both listed at 32.5 mm.

01-23-2013, 15:11
So if frame is the same how does one conceal it so much better? I guess one would use a regular G30 holster too.
The biggest diiference is weight! But how does that slide produce recoil compared to the regular thicker G30 slide?

01-23-2013, 15:30
Mas Ayoob has commented thusly:

On the question of the G30S fitting G19/23 holsters (

Mas Ayoob: "It's yes, no, and maybe, depending on the holster. While the slide is thinner like a G19, it still has the wide G30 frame. I found the 30S would not go into one Kydex rig for the 19 at could be forced into a Sport/Combat beltslide holster from Glock, but was tighter than I liked...and was a snug fit in one brand of IWB for the standard size Glocks. I found myself carrying it in a regular G30 size holster, which worked fine."

On the topic of how the G30S shoots compared to the G30/G30SF (

Mas Ayoob: "Recoil is subjective, of course, but I feel a little more impact into the web of the hand and a little more muzzle rise with the 30S than with the 30 or 30SF. Not a huge difference, though, and still comfortable to shoot."

I've seen other reviewers making similar comments about the recoil characteristics of the G30S compared to the G30/G30SF.

The G30S weighs 3.53 oz less than the G30 Gen4 due almost entirely to the lighter slide. When comparing the two with a fully loaded mag in both, it works out to about a 10.5% reduction in loaded weight (30.16 oz vs 33.69 oz).

01-23-2013, 15:36
Well, there you have it! Advantage= weight!

01-23-2013, 16:28
To GRT45:

Thank you for clearing that up. Seems odd that they don't list slide width on the website.

01-23-2013, 16:37
I agree, it would be very helpful if Glock added the slide width in their specs on the website. Besides clearing up the confusion it causes (grip vs slide), it would better quantify the advantages of the G30S and G36 pistols in the .45ACP models for those buyers sensitive to width for IWB carry. It's also very useful to know the exact slide width when trying to envision a red dot sight installed on the slide.

01-23-2013, 18:19
The easiest way to sum it up would be you get the slimness of the G36 and the double stack magazine capacity of the G30SF.

01-24-2013, 00:09
I like Glock in general but the 30S is a disappointing announcement imo.