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01-24-2013, 15:27
I finally got to shoot with the new Ameriglo Idot pro sights for my Glock 19. I am on track as far as up and down but still shooting to the left, slightly. Also, my shooting is blurry at distance (focusing on the front sight). I still shoot to the left when focusing on the target. I am shooting with both eyes open.

What I am wondering is if 3 dot sights will help with this. I move the rear over 1/16 to the right to compensate. I also researched trigger pull, sight alignment, and how to hold the gun. No change at the range.

What do you all think about?


01-24-2013, 21:24
You stated that you shoot to the left whether you use a front sight focus or a target focus.

That tells you that your shooting to the left is primarily not a sight picture related problem.

Besides, there's is a real likelihood that the two extra dots on the rear sight will only pull your focus back towards you even more, further compounding your inaccuracies.

01-24-2013, 21:50
When i really concentrated I shot a 5 shot 1/2 inch group 1 inch away from the center (to the left). i believe i am squeezing the grip with my pinky and ring finger and not applying enough pressure with my support hand (the 60/40 concept) to offset it, maybe squeeaing the grip too much with my strong hand. I am also preloading the trigger with every shot and bringing it back to the point just before the gun shoots. I believe this may be bad and also adding to my to the left shooting. I have adjusted my trigger finger and ruled that out.

01-26-2013, 21:43
Quick test. Shoot southpaw. See if groups go outside in the opposite direction. I too think it is trigger issue. I prefer my I-dot Pro sights to three dot sights. ymmv. Be safe

01-26-2013, 22:28
I will try that and have not thought about that. Thanks.

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