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01-24-2013, 19:39

I've put about 450 rounds through my new G19 and noticed today while cleaning that the black finishing or maybe Tenifer treatment seems to have chipped. A picture is below. I'm not sure how this could happen because I didn't see any metal burrs in the frame. In any case, this is my first firearm and I wanted to ask a few questions of the experts:

1. Will this affect the functioning of the firearm?
2. Is this a chip in the finishing or the Tenifer itself? I'm wondering about longevity and resistance to rust. If just finish, no issues there.
3. Is this common? Are there others that have similar nicks/chips? Is it likely to develop more chips?

Thank you for any help!

F-111 John
01-24-2013, 20:23
From the Glock Armorer's Manual:

"The major metal components of GLOCK handguns are treated with GLOCK's special hardening surface process called "tenifer" that leaves them nearly as hard as a diamond, seals out moisture and helps prevent corrosion. This surface hardening process penetrates the surface of the slide, barrel, and GLOCK brand metal sights. The matte black finish is a final process applied to the surface making the pistol extremely resistant to abrasions and scratches. Should this black finish wear off after heavy and extensive use, the surface still retains its corrosion protection and durability."

SJ 40
01-24-2013, 21:42
The black finish you see on the exterior of your Glock is not the Tenifer or Gas NitroCarb Gas treatment depending on when your Glock was produced,either way nothing to worry about. SJ 40