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01-26-2013, 09:49
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I figured I'd pose this Q on a new thread?


"Originally Posted by RX7Boricua
You know what I don't get? The G36 slide is thin, extremely close to the 9/40/357 slide width. Glock has demonstrated that they can make a reliable slimline .45ACP pistol. The .45ACP Glocks have slightly wider slide and frame dimensions. The .45GAP pistols have the thicker .45ACP slides mated to 9/40/357 sized frames. Why the hell didn't Glock put a G36-width slide on the GAP pistols? Ease/cost of manufacture perhaps? I think you'd get more people on board with the GAP if you had a .45 caliber pistol that is EXACTLY the size of a G19 and would fit in 17/19 holsters.


Is there a problem just putting a 36 slide on a, say, 39 frame?

Added: My G38 slide fits on my G27 frame.
It is the same WIDTH as a G30 slide, right?
So why wouldn't the G30 slide work on that G27 frame?
And if the 30 slide works on a 27, then the 36 would!

Are the RAILS on the ACP frames WIDER than the 9/40/357/GAP frames or are they the SAME?

In other words: COULD you put a G36 slide on a subcompact (39, etc) frame?