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View Full Version : G22 gen 4 or G27 new gen 3?

01-28-2013, 20:59
I am mainly looking to add to the family. I have a gen 3 G27 now. I have had a G22 in the past and sold it, but I like the firepower of the G22( 3 mags).

I think that the G27 is more useful to me as a CCW and I also like the idea of having a duplicate. Of course, both are versatile in terms of barrel swaps for different calibers.

I have other 9mm, .40, and .45 Glocks. I am asking for opinions regarding the two choices.

My LGS has these two in stock now at the same prices that he had them for before SH; but he is sold out of any other Glocks.

I would get one of each if the funds were available but since that is not the case, I am weighing these two options and would appreciate your thoughts.

01-28-2013, 21:06
Where you already have a 27 I would get the 22 Gen4. You can use the 15 shot G22 mags as the reload mag for your 27.

01-28-2013, 21:30
I guess I am kind of partial to the G27, so I suggest getting another. I am currently trying to work a deal for my second one. I have tried my Glocks (17, 2X23, 19) and must say I prefer the G27 to any of them. The G27 fits my hand the best and points more naturally for me. I also seem to be little more accurate with the sub-compacts.

01-28-2013, 21:31
Chemboy: I have a few older G22 mags but some new spares would definitely not be wasted. I have a G23 gen. 4 that could share them. Makes good sense.

GlockG27: Yeah, I like my G27 gen 3. I traded a G27 purchased in late 1995 for the gen 3 mainly because I wanted the checkering; one of my favorite CCW's and yeah, a duplicate would be nice to have.

Thanks to you both for your input!