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Socom Elite
01-28-2013, 21:11
I know there are already threads on this, but has anyone found a solution? I have a gen 3 and my mags have a 2 next to the Glock logo on the back and a 9 on the follower so I think they are the new ones, but I am having a lot of failure to feed malfunctions.

Usually in these threads I see all these posts about how their gun works. I want to hear from the people that had problems and what if any was the solution.

I had the screw tight i guess, but only hand tight. When I got home after the range today and researched the issue I loosened it a turns so its loose, but won't come off. Ill take it to the range again Friday and put some more ammo through it and see how it does.

I really want to be able to run this light on my gun, but I can't sacrifice reliability for it.


Bill Lumberg
01-29-2013, 09:50
Never found a reliability issue with any of our guns and TLR-1/M3/M3X. I'd check with glock to see if they recommended a different RSA or mag spring.

01-29-2013, 10:04