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01-29-2013, 17:05
It took a little while longer than the response from Rep. Bonamici, but I got a response back from Sen. Merkley.

This one still looks form letter-ish of course, but he mentions the Ruger petition specifically, Rep. Bonamici's form letter did not. Apparently many people are taking advantage of Ruger's submission form! :)

These are both the federal level congress critters I have heard back from, no response as yet from any of the state level reps or senators.

Also interesting he doesn't take the same kind of hard line anti response that Bonamici did.

Dear [xyz],

Thank you for contacting me to express your concerns about any proposed legislation that would affect gun ownership by signing the Ruger Firearms petition. I appreciate hearing from you.

In the wake of the tragic mass shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary and right at home in Clackamas Town Center, I have heard a wide range of views from many Oregonians on gun policies and gun violence. Indeed, I am deeply saddened by these senseless shootings and the loss of innocent lives.

As I consider proposed policies regarding guns, I will have two perspectives. As a supporter of the Second Amendment, I will ask if the proposals meet the constitutional test. Second, I will ask if the proposals will make a difference in the tragic situations we have witnessed. In short, I will be digging into the facts and research about each of the proposals on the table with these perspectives in mind.

It is appropriate in light of the recent tragedies that this is a national discussion, and I'm glad you are sharing your thoughts with me. As specific proposals are put before Congress, please continue to give me your feedback.

All my best,

Jeffrey A. Merkley
United States Senator