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01-30-2013, 00:04
Is there a way to carry a Glock 27 while wearing cowboy boots concealed (and NOT anywhere on the waistband?)

Also what ankle rig do you recommend for when I'm *not* wearing my Lucchese ****** kickers?

Right now I'm carrying in a comp-tac MTAC. Trying to expand my horizons

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01-30-2013, 00:18
I've been planning on trying an Ankle Glove with a "calf strap" for carrying when I'm not wearing my boots when riding my bike.
I also have a G-27 but I'm not sure if that much weight would be acceptable if you do much walking so I may just go with my S/W 642 Airweight instead.

I've also been thinking of either riveting or stitching a holster with a thumb-snap on the outside of my left boot on the inner side as an ankle holster would be positioned.

01-30-2013, 13:10
But even if u get a holster mounted in the boot, you gotta hike your jeans up high enough to clear the gun out of the holster. Jeans tend to bunch up before you even get close to the knee (unless you got little chicken legs)

Am I going to just have to continue carrying IWB if I want to wear boots?

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01-30-2013, 13:23
Shoulder holster, Belly band holster, "holster shirt", ect.

Might help a bit if you give us an idea of what you're wanting...where you're hoping to try to carry...something...

Otherwise, look here:
Select your firearm and click "view holsters and ammo carriers for gun selected".
(That should give you a basic idea of what's out there...)

01-30-2013, 16:07
I would never attempt to carry in a boot unless it's a BUG. My primary needs to be where I can get to it readily and with ease should a crisis come up. I carry OWB in a kydex holster with pancake wings, and on colder days with a jacket, sometimes I carry in a jackass should holster.

01-30-2013, 17:02
I wanted to be able to dress up to go to out every once in a while and not worry about idiot bouncers and security personnel patting me down and giving me hell about my g27 on my hip. I'm a cop, so I get a pass, but I'm sick of being accosted and holding up the lines and having to show a million forms of ID, or having to wait for a "supervisor" to tell me it's ok to let the cop in with his gun.

They never check the boots :-p

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01-30-2013, 18:25
I spent years in college (and, I admit, afterwards) cramming pints of whisky into my boots for various occasions. You ought to be able to cram a J-Frame in there without a problem.

01-30-2013, 21:21
For me the G27 is a bit large for boot carry. I used to do a fair amount of line dancing (yep dating myself)
For me a .25 auto or revolver was largest. Plus (as hinted) you have to wear pants that are loose. (or some velcro) if you intend to get to it withotu removing your boots first) :0
BTW I found most nightclub bouncers easy to pass with gun. Have they improved that much? (and still miss boot?)

01-30-2013, 21:30
They make you remove belt, lift up shirt, and spin around, then pat you down like full Terry stop and frisk style (minus the boot check lol). My guess is former cops or at least trained by them. (Our jurisdiction not allowed to work at alcohol serving establishments because of use of force complaints lol).

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01-30-2013, 22:04
They make you remove belt, lift up shirt, and spin around, then pat you down like full Terry stop and frisk style (minus the boot check lol). My guess is former cops or at least trained by them. (Our jurisdiction not allowed to work at alcohol serving establishments because of use of force complaints lol).

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DANG. The few bars/nightclubs I have been in haven't done that. I guess I would vote with my bilfold. (kinda like airlines) and go elsewhere.

01-30-2013, 22:25
I try to do the same but sometimes I'm in a group and can't convince everyone NOT to go to that part of town

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01-31-2013, 08:56
A J-frame S&W little revolver should fit in the top of a boot just fine.

02-02-2013, 21:21
I wondered the same thing. I think I posted this a while back with no good answers.
I actually tried to put G27 in boot with no holster.
I thought there was more room, but there was not enough room without being to tight and uncomfortable.
Feels loose but no room for a pistol.
And I do have chicken legs with big calves.:rofl:
Just room for a boot knife.

02-02-2013, 21:41

Cheap, durable, pretty comfortable . Just wear heavy socks .

02-02-2013, 21:43
You can always buy "boot cut" jeans.

I'd never try to carry my G-27 inside my cowboy boots. but the ankle glove holster should work fine on the outside.

I've also seen an ankle holster that "laces up" to combat/duty boots that looks like it would be more secure and possibly more comfortable.

I ain't worried about being frisked by cops or bouncers as I'd never carry anywhere that I can't do so legally.

Granted, I'd hate to have to use an ankle holster as anything but a BUG, but it's better on your ankle than home in your gun

02-03-2013, 04:13
So, you wanna carry a bar?

02-03-2013, 12:04
So, you wanna carry a bar?

Well as I think he said he was LEO. Also in some states (such as MN) its legal for mere mortals to carry in bars.

Do you think criminals don't operate in bars? (ok more OUTSIDE bars) Talk about easy marks. Folks have had supper, few drinks, its late, they are thinking of bed (taking the gal they picked up there)

02-03-2013, 14:09
So, you wanna carry a bar?

Yes? You don't?

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02-25-2015, 19:14
I have been using my cowboy boots (four of them) to carry my Glock 27 for 8 + years now. What I found to work is to use very thin glove type leather and fashion a holster and have it positioned in the very BACK of the boot and have it sewn in. By being in the back your calf will hold it in place nicely, I mount it high so that the gun frame is just above the V part of the boot. After just a short time you will not even know it's there. I know it not fast draw but we all spend a lot of time sitting (think about it) and from this position a draw is fairly quick. I'm left handed so this is put in my right boot but I can access it with either hand. Something I cannot do if I have a IWB type.

02-25-2015, 20:20
I used to carry a j-frame revolver in my boot, with an Uncle Mike's inside the waist band holster. Worked pretty good, though it was hideously slow to access.

As for carrying in a bar, I have tended bar for years, and if I knew you were carrying(and I got pretty good at noticing if you were) you didn't get served, cop or not.

02-26-2015, 21:47
I carry a J frame in a Galco IWB in my boot. I stuff a piece of T shirt or towel in the boot and tuck the pistol, holster and all down in there with it.

Been doin' it that way for years. Very comfortable and cheap since it's the same holster I use for appendix carry.

I'm going to try out a Glock 26 with a MIC holster tethered to the pull loop with the t-shirt to cushion it this Saturday when I go to church.

I can fit the 26 with a factory +2 mag in there fine. Will be nice to have 13 rounds without a reload in the same place there used to be only 5...