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01-30-2013, 15:22
Its time, to start sending in those letters and emails.

Pass the info around, lets make it happen this year!
This is a Pro gun state, yet we do not have OC!

Its time to make a change.
Even if your not a Texan and you feel OC should be legal, send a email, make it known.

How to contact,

---> The Bill. (http://www.capitol.state.tx.us/Search/DocViewer.aspx?K2DocKey=odbc%3a%2f%2fTLO%2fTLO.dbo.vwCurrBillDocs%2f83%2fR%2fH%2fB%2f00700%2f1%2fB%4 0TloCurrBillDocs&QueryText=hb+700&HighlightType=1) <---

Some info