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01-30-2013, 19:02

It looks like a Scherer but, to my knowledge they don't make a plug for gen 4 glocks.

Thanks guys

01-30-2013, 19:18
thats not a Gen4 Gun its a Gen3

01-30-2013, 19:25
Yes it is. Look: http://www.theoutdoorstrader.com/threads/318686-Item-Gone!-FS-LNIB-glock-23-gen-4-(-assault-glock)

The seller posted pics below the add

01-30-2013, 19:49
Man the angle of the pic made it look like a Gen3 LOL my bad... looks like one of them Scherer plugs for sure.. that brand always sticks out like that ... glockmeister makes a plug for the G4 and looks much better than that one in the pics..

01-30-2013, 20:06
No sweat, I thought it was a gen 3 at first as well especially since the slide appears more black than grey. But like you said, it's the angle.