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01-30-2013, 19:19
Does anyone have a spare copy of this issue or the 2006 Glock Annual magazine that they would be willing to sell? I have all of the issues except this one and the 1995 one. I had the 2006 one but it somehow has gotten lost. I would also buy a 1995 issue if someone had one they wanted to sell. If this is in the wrong section, I apologize. Thanks.


01-30-2013, 20:10
I might

01-30-2013, 20:45
$10? Harris Publications sells their back orders for $6 +1.50 for shipping but they only have them back to 2008. If that is too low, what do you have to have for it? Thanks.


01-30-2013, 21:09
Let me check over the weekend.
If i do i will advise, and u can send me your address
The $10 u can donate to the NRA in both our names.
Dont do anything yet.

01-30-2013, 21:41
Ok, no problem. Thanks.


02-05-2013, 19:13
I found one. Thanks.


Opie 1 Kenopie
02-05-2013, 22:12
I thought all Glock Annuals were exactly the same.
1) Gaston writes about how good the company is doing
2) "Glocks are cool" feature article by a prominent gun writer
3) all ads will show Glocks being used no matter what the product
4) color cartoons and short stories about Glocks saving the day
5) Singapore PD is using Glocks!
6) Romanian soldiers are using Glocks!
7) a full color catalog of all Glocks and the specs for every model

02-05-2013, 23:21
I thought all Glock Annuals were exactly the same.

I'm in some of them..... :supergrin:

02-06-2013, 17:26
They all have different articles but the layout is pretty much the same. I just wanted to try and complete my collection since I have been collecting these since 1996 with the 1995 issue the only one I don't have. My collection is a mixture of both the Glock Annual and the Glock Autopistols magazine. I don't have every year of both since the material is exactly the same.