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02-03-2013, 12:25
Hello everyone,
I'm in the process of acquiring my first 1911 type pistol (Rock Island Armory Compact Tactical 9mm 1911) and I was hoping to get some of your thoughts on this pistol from those who have one or have had one. Thanks.

02-03-2013, 12:34
I have the 45 ACP version and absolutely love it. For that gun, Chip McCormick mags work very well. I hope the 9mm version works just as well for you.

02-03-2013, 20:00
I've always been interested in one of these. However, they are very hard to come by around here in the 9mm. I have a buddy that just picked up the .45 compact tactical RIA, and that thing is great.

02-04-2013, 11:08
i am absolutely wanting a 9mm in a 1911 platform. haven't done it yet as I don't really want or need or can justify one (translated: wife wants the bathroom remodeled). keep us posted, with pics. No pics, no joy!

02-04-2013, 15:50
Armscor makes a solid 1911.

02-05-2013, 07:58
After buying two RIA 1911, 10mm and 22 TCM/9mm, I am sold on them. Very solid for a low priced 1911 and their customer service is excellent.

Buy with confidence!

02-05-2013, 13:35
Mec-Gar 9mm mags. Nuff said.