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Deaf Smith
02-08-2013, 19:23
Well I just came back from a long trip. On way back I pawnshoped a bit.

Week ago in one store was a Ruger SP-101. Old one in .38 Spl. $299 buckos.

So I slapped a lay-away and today grabbed it.

Then driving almost home I stopped by one more. Should not have done that...

P-38, MKIII, perfect condition, box, papers, 2 'Bill Clinton' 10 shot mags, AND 1 original 13 rounder and two KRD south African 15 shooters.

OTD for $645.

Photo'ed it and the P-35, bring so dark colored, if I used flash the SP-101 would have been blinding white! So it's dark!

It was an expensive day.


02-08-2013, 19:48
Nice finds!

02-09-2013, 03:32
Ver cool.
I especially like the P38....never seen one like that before and it looks like it uses the same mags as a BHP.


02-09-2013, 06:04
Congrats on two great handguns.

The Hi-Power is my favorite 9mm.

02-09-2013, 08:09
Nice score!

02-09-2013, 12:54
Hi-Powers are the nicest handgun of all time, congrats.

Deaf Smith
02-09-2013, 16:18
Ver cool.
I especially like the P38....never seen one like that before and it looks like it uses the same mags as a BHP.

Ok Berto... I made a very long trip to get that.. that is my excuse and I'm sticking to it. P-35, ok?



02-09-2013, 17:12
35... 38... whatever it takes. :supergrin:

Deaf Smith
02-09-2013, 21:00
Well after a prefect range day with the two, 10 yards both dead on, and the SP-101 put three out of five in the 1/2 inch red dot and the other two still well in the 3 inch black circle, I took them apart for cleaning.

The P-35 just a bit of wear on the insides. Not much, maybe a couple of 100 rounds if that is all she has fired.

The SP-101 had a light coat of rust inside the grips and a small piece of brown paper in the action! I don't think that gun has ever been taken apart since it was made in '89. Even the little factory take down pin was in it's grip slot.

I have it in pieces right now with a CLP soak to take out all the shallow rust. No pits just a film of redish color.

Going to slick the gun up like my other SP-101. The P-35, on the other hand, won't be touched except the cleaning I did.


Bill Keith
02-10-2013, 12:14
Cool:faint: I found a nice used SP101 just like yours, made in 1989 - first year of production. They are great guns. I have since put Hogue overmolded rubber grips on it and a Trijicon front sight on the gun ( easy retrofit, the front sight drifts out with its pin, put the new Trijicon in the groove, drill a hole through the Trijicon base and slip the pin back in. I put painters tape on both sides of the sight base and poked a pin through that before drilling. I was real leery of the bit skittering and marring the finish so the tape did good).
The new grip and night sight work really well. I keep it loaded with Federal 125 gr +P Hydra Shok ammo . I have shot the gun at a target 10 foot away in almost dark. Held the gun up at eyeball level with a two handed grip and focused on the front night sight. Ended up with a 4 inch - center of chest spread.:devildance: