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02-13-2013, 20:47
Found an I.M.I. Jericho 941 steel frame but haven't found a lot of info on them. Can I order mags through Kahr? Price was $369 new. Opinions please

02-13-2013, 21:09
Last time I saw one of these they were going for a good deal more . . . of course that was in it's original box with both the 9mm and .41AE barrels and mags for both . . . can't remember the exact price but I want to say it was within the 750 - 900 range

I'm in the market for one of these as well, for my next purchase . . . had one in my hand, a steel frame .40, at a gun show I went to recently. I definately dug the way that the steel frame felt in my hand compared to the polymer. Although I believe the price was higher than what you mentioned for this piece.

Personally, I'd like to find an original or the closest to the original Jericho's as Kahr is producing through Magnum Research. It seems Karh is making them in all types of configurations. Pretty cool. As for me I'm just looking for the Spike Spiegel original (thats right Cowboy Bebop fan right here). Ideally an original would be key for the collection but like I said I dug the way it felt so much . . . I'd carry it.

02-13-2013, 21:10
They are great pistols. They later became the Baby Eagle.

02-13-2013, 21:28
I have a Jericho/941 in 9mm. Great gun and very accurate. I'd jump on one if I needed another full-size 9mm

02-13-2013, 21:29
Yeah I thought the price was really good. It only had one mag and came in a cardboard box, had C.A.I. Stamped on it too, guessing century was the importer.he also had the compact polymer version a couple of display cases down for about $600. One of the main concerns for me is extra mags, or any major complaints owners may have besides weight

02-13-2013, 21:42
Mags are easy to get. I found tht the EA mags work in mine

02-14-2013, 18:39
Mine works fine with Mec-Gar CZ 75 mags.

02-15-2013, 07:37
I was going to ask you why not the real deal with the CZ75? But for that price, I will jump on in right now.
Great guns, MecGar makes excelent mags for it!
Get it while you can!

02-15-2013, 08:33
Great gun and great price! I picked up a Baby Eagle 9mm compact a few weeks ago and it's become my favorite pistol (even more than my G-17).

From the research I have been able to find, the CZ-75 magazines will work without flaw, and some EAA and Tanfoglio mags will work but may not hold the slide back. From what people tell me, once the craziness is over, the price on these mags will come down to less than a Glock mag.

Enjoy her!