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02-15-2013, 13:43
I figured it would be good to start a thread where people can post what they're looking for online but can't find it. Others may run across that item and can share where they saw it. Or just be able to post a good deal in general.

We all know lower receivers, BCG's, ammo, magazines are all hard to come by right now, so why not share the info if you have it.

I've been trying to find an M&P Shield in 9mm. I prefer not to play the gunbroker game if at all possible. Anyone seen one available online?

02-15-2013, 18:26
Hey, good idea for a thread. Haven't seen a m&p shield 9. Sorry I can't help you out. Myself, I'm on the look out for a glock 30 od. Anyone seen one ?

02-19-2013, 17:34
If anyone is looking for a complete BCG, looks like RGUNS has some in stock. Black and nickel boron finish. I don't know anything about their stuff, just an fyi