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02-19-2013, 03:58
Hi all, first off, this is my first post here. Seems like a great forum.

My question is this (sorry if this is longwinded). Picked my wife up a GSG 1911 .22lr a couple months ago from a local gun show, brand new. Brought it home and field stripped it, oiled and reassembled. Took it out the next day and put 150 rds through it. Only issue was one Failure to feed. Got home and let the wife strip it, clean it and reassemble. First issue was slide stop and barrel fixing pin would fall out when pulling the slide back. Called ATI (took a week before I actually spoke to a human, they were all gone to a gunshow in Vegas) and they sent out a new slide stop and barrel fixing pin. 2 weeks ago, we took it back out and and noticed after about 100 rds through it that it started to bind when pulling the slide back. Noticed that the slide stop, while not coming all the way out, was coming out about 3-4 mm's causing the binding. Brought it home and stripped it and noticed heavy wear on the barrell (on the bottom portion just behind the threaded area) and on the slide where it engages the slide stop. Called ATI again and they gave me an RA to send it in. Is it normal to have to pay the shipping costs to send in what I and others believe is a defective gun? While I'm a novice with guns, I have several friends that are very proficient with fire arms and have looked at this gun and said something is not right. I even took it to the only gun shop in town that deals with GSG and he said there are issues with our gun. SHould I just ask then for a refund and move on or eat the shipping costs and get this one fixed? Thanks in advance for any advice.

02-19-2013, 11:01
The wear on the bottom of the barrel is normal. It's the bushing rubbing it.

The loose slide stop is from a less than stellar plunger spring. Get a proper 1911 plunger spring and replace the stock GSG one. This will give much better tension on the slide stop, and prevent it from sliding out. You can also give it a slight bevel to help with additional downward tension on the slide stop.

02-20-2013, 00:58
Thanks for the help. SHould I still send it in and eat the overnight charges and have it checked or just take care of it myself?

02-20-2013, 17:04
Easy enough to do. But that all depends on your mechanical ability.