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02-19-2013, 17:07
1994 Springfield 1911 - A1. Basic Parkerized, adjustable rear site.
Original box, two mags, etc.
Some parts have been changed/upgraded - trigger, slide stop, safety, hammer. I know absolutely nothing about 1911's so beyond that I'm really not sure. I know it is a very nice trigger pull. Finish seems to be fairly decent. It looks like it was well taken care of.

Can take more pics if it will help.



Jason D
02-19-2013, 17:17
With the unknown changes to the gun and the glaring idiot mark. It's probably not going to bring much more than 500 private. Probably closer to 400-450. That would be selling private. A dealer will probably offer 200-250 for it and sell it for 500 or so.

Had it been unmolested without the scratch. It would be worth 600 easy to the right buyer, maybe even a little more in the right market. Since you can still get Mil-Spec guns for round 650 or a little less. I think that's a fair assessment of the gun.

02-19-2013, 17:54
Thanks. Are you talking about the mark on the rear slide serations?

02-19-2013, 18:10
No. I think he is talking about the scratch on the frame from the slide stop being improperly removed.

BTW the estimate is about what I' say for around here as well

02-19-2013, 18:14
Ah, yes. Like I said, 1911s are new to me. I really don't know whats normal wear or not.

Jason D
02-19-2013, 18:39
Thanks. Are you talking about the mark on the rear slide serations?

CG is correct. I was talking about the scratch from the slide stop not being installed carefully. It's easy to avoid doing by just depressing the little plunger detent sticking out of the plunger tube. It however is common as hell among owners of the 1911.

As for normal wear. Finish wear is normal on the slide rails, under the slide stop, wear marks from the action working on the barrel hood, and on the sharp corners around the muzzle due to holstering. You will also get normal wear from just handling the gun. You really can't avoid it unless you buy a new gun and never touch it again.

What this gun is provided the parts are decent and installed correctly is a good solid gun that would make a great gun as is, or an awesome gun to use as a custom build. You have a forged slide and frame.

02-19-2013, 18:52
I appreciate the responses Jason! That really helps.

Jason D
02-19-2013, 19:38
No problem

02-19-2013, 20:36
$500 would be tops, I'd imagine, but I wouldn't pay half that.

I don't like buying garage smithed 1911s.