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02-19-2013, 18:50
My Gen 3 19 (test date 6/12) still ejecting brass in my face or over my head. Called glock and was told to use 124 grain ammo. I told them I have never used 124 grain ammo in my 26 or 17 which I no longer have, which I never had ejecting problems with. The 19 has the 336 ejector and the dipped extractor.
I must say glocks customer service seems to be going down hill the last few years. May just have to return the gun to the dealer and let him figure it out.

Bald Baron
02-19-2013, 21:10
I installed the old style non-lci type extractor and it solved the problem for me.

02-19-2013, 21:13
Wrong forum

This goes in General Glocking, not here.