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02-23-2013, 11:26
I bought a MK25 in December, a 226 9mm TACOPS in January, and a M11-A1 this month.
I'm really digging the feel, POA/POI, and great vibe that I get from the 9mm Sigs.

The Tacops is my nightstand pistol, the MK25 is my home office piece, and the M11-A1 will soon replace my G26 Gen 4 as my AIWB EDC. The G26 will still serve AIWB days when I feel like wearing something lighter and smaller than the M11-A1 but that may not be often. The M11-A1 is super comfortable and amazingly light in a Remora 10ART.

Added a Viridian X5L to the Tacops, Dual Activation Crimson Trace Laser Grips and a TLR-1S to the MK25 and Dual Activation Crimson Trace Laser Grips to the M11-A1. Makes for fun at the range

My G17 Gen4 serves as my car pistol and also as my desk piece in a MV500-STD.

I have 4500 rounds (Ranger, Gold Dot, and HST) so I'm good to go for a little while.

I bought a CALX-226-40-BSS and a .357SIG barrel for the 226's and a CALX-229-40-BSS and .357SIG barrel for the M11-A1 so its like having 4 other guns : ) When the ammo supply lines get back to normal I'll buy a few thousand rounds of .357SIG and convert my M11A1 and probably start packing that round in my M11-A1 AIWB CCW.

02-23-2013, 11:43
Nice :)

The M11 looks like a great gun. Congrats!

02-23-2013, 11:50
You're on a roll! Congrats! :thumbsup:

02-23-2013, 13:07
Very nice


02-23-2013, 13:32
That is nice, congratulations.

02-23-2013, 16:30
Awesome! I just got the MK25 in January. Sweet gun!

02-23-2013, 17:00
Very nice. Congrats.

02-23-2013, 18:13
Your almost there. All you need is a P220 and you'll be all set!

Nice collection so far! :cool:

02-24-2013, 00:38
Very cool!:thumbsup:

Your almost there. All you need is a P220 and you'll be all set!

Nice collection so far! :cool:


02-24-2013, 00:58
Very nice.



02-25-2013, 06:58
What I would like to get in the future is a stainless steel elite 226, SSE 229, and maybe a SSE 220 and 227. SAS2 229 also peeked my interests.

ca survivor
02-25-2013, 10:32