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04-26-2013, 02:18

04-26-2013, 05:01
These progressives/socialists are like a dog with a bone on that 90% poll number. Also, the writer doesn't have a clue but his article also provides an insight to how the 17th Amendment, a big Progressive article of faith in the early 20th Century, has now turned around to bite that same crowd in the butt. Definitely fits the saying about being hoisted upon one's own petard.

04-26-2013, 19:52
Oh no, my baby sneezed!


04-26-2013, 22:29
Bout time the someone controlled congress! :rofl:

04-26-2013, 22:48

:upeyes: Oh yes, a pile of money and 4.5 million members have a stranglehold on an entire branch of government representing over 310 million people. The truth doesn't stand a chance.

04-26-2013, 22:58
This would be like the old Wild West where everyone was armed.

LOL :rofl:
He actually said it.

04-27-2013, 14:43
Cool! The big unfortunate is the saudi's control the white hut.

04-27-2013, 15:32
The NRA controls Congress? We gun owners could only be so lucky.........

04-28-2013, 07:50
Of all the ideas that have come out about possibly preventing another Sandy Hook, only the NRA has put forward a solution that could likely work. Certainly, not any of the anti-gun policies that have either been tried before or gradually work towards confiscation .

04-28-2013, 08:28
I love that the liberal Hollywood machine gives more money in political donations than the NRA and way more free press for their liberal friends. Yet this small group in numbers is ignored and NRA is turned into some evil corporation (that consists of millions of members)...

04-28-2013, 10:20
Bout time the someone controlled congress! :rofl:
You are correct about that. They need someone to tell how to conduct business. They also need to be told that they work for us not the other way around.