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04-29-2013, 16:56
Attorney general seeks extension on gun appeal (

The request from Madigan's solicitor general, Michael Scodro, contends that the December ruling about Illinois' ban created conflicts about whether the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms applies outside the home and if it does, what standards should govern it.

Baba Louie
04-29-2013, 17:12
Somewhat akin to "But, The Dog Ate My Homework".

I'm sure the court will have to ponder the question a bit, then come back with their learned reply, giving the Chicago powers that be another week or twenty-six to waste.

Temps rising up into the 80s in the Windy City. I hope blood does not flow in the streets as a result of the perplexity of the question and direction at hand (it is a complex point for some to figure out from what I gather) given the fair State of Chicago, er, I meant, Illinois' fondness for self control, it should go without saying.

Bruce H
04-29-2013, 17:17
Twenty years in Marion would be about right for this POS.

04-29-2013, 17:20
I'll make the same comment I did on a local news site:

I'll be dead-honest. I won't be broken hearted if the Court grants both the extension AND agrees to hear the case. Because I fully believe SCotUS will incorporate "bear" to all the states like they did with "keep" in McDonald v Chicago, and Madigan will be the "hero" that got the right solidified across the country.

That will give her a LOT of standing with the most liberal members of her party if she tries to run for any other office.