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View Full Version : Bomber's family received 100k in federal assistance!

04-30-2013, 13:53
And they hate america! See what their mother country will give you. "the federal help they receieved was stunning"

All I have ever done is pay into the system:steamed:

04-30-2013, 14:03
Once the estimated 11 million+ illegal immigrants in the USA get some sort of legal status from Uncle Sugar, they will be seeking the same types of benefits...

04-30-2013, 14:18
Look at other attacks on American's. How often have those who attack America are same ones we have been giving AID to???
Seems they see how good we have it/how bad they have had it.... Then (my guess) is get upset they don't have it as good as we do. So its a half step from love/hate... Toss in cultrual stuff they can fall back on to make anything ok....

04-30-2013, 14:21
On the other hand, a citizen who falls on hard times has to go through hoops and rarely gets assistance the assistance needed to get back on their feet. Total BS!

04-30-2013, 15:10
Hey, they attacked America, half the academics in the universities in and around Boston would if they had the courage to do what they preach. Lots of Americans hate America and everything it stands for. So why be surprised when the government agencies run by lib/progs pay out benefits to people who they see as victims and refuse to help working Americans who they see as unfairly advantaged by birth.

04-30-2013, 16:10
Interesting. When my wife immigrated on a fiance' visa and I sponsored her for her permanent resident visa, I had had sign a financial responsibility agreement that said, I would be financially responsible for her, and reimburse the government for any government payments she might get (like welfare, WIC, etc).

When someone immigrates though the other processes, why isn't their sponsor on the hook to repay us?

P.S. as soon as they went on welfare they should have been deported, political asylum or not.