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never enough
05-07-2013, 18:27
Picked up two new to me handguns today. Both Makarovs, the first being a bulgarian makarov and the second is a still new in the box Norinco type 59.
got the norinco for $300 and the bulgy for $200 due to holster wear.
Both are chambered in 9x18 mak. Fired the bulgy today and it surprised me as it was "snappy". However reviews are that ppl love these guns and some ppl even carry them

05-07-2013, 19:50
Ahhh Makarov! Great underrated handguns manufactured in Soviet bloc countries, fires every time with the 9x18 Makarov round. Some were Soviet Bakail models in .380 and will fire +p 380 without worry. These are some of my favorite things! jb