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04-11-2003, 19:25
Two Jewish women (Ruth and Golda) were walking along the street. Ruth says to Golda, "My son, Irving, is finally getting married. He tells me he is engaged to a wonderful girl, but ...he thinks she may have a disease called herpes."

Golda says to Ruth, "Do you have any idea what this herpes is, and can he catch it?"

Ruth answers, "I don't know, but I am just so thrilled to hear about Irving's engagement. It's past time he's settled. As far as the herpes goes...who knows?"

"Well," Golda says, "I have a very fine medical dictionary at home --I'll look it up and call you."

So, Golda goes home, looks it up, and calls Ruth...,

"Ruth, keinahurra (thank goodness!), I found it. Not to worry! It says: Herpes is a disease of the gentiles.' "