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05-26-2013, 23:23
and it's still happening.

My wife just tried some internet "route finder" for a trip she is considering.

Now you have to understand that we live just a few miles away from a 'road' in Oregon called "Bear Camp Road. For those who missed the news story a few years ago, that is a road that does not belong on a proper map. People get killed up there. It is "sort of" passable in the summer if you are used to driving on one-way, one lane logging roads. In the winter it's a death trap.

A family got stranded up there not long ago and the husband died. That is the third case I can remember in the last 12 years, and those are just the ones that made national news.

Yes, that stupid website she was on lists it as a short cut from the southern Oregon coast to the lower valley.

Google, Oregon, Bear Camp Road.

Angry Fist
05-26-2013, 23:29
Well, **** the bed.... anyone with a brain knows that a shortcut is the longest distance between two points.