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07-14-2013, 10:40

Posted this in the General section, but thought I would see if anyone was kicking around the CZ area. Looks kinda barren.

This followed me home from the LGS the other day: 1953 (I presume) CZ type 52 with 2 mags and holster. Know NOTHING about 7.62x25, aside from it being made of Unobtainium right now....

What do I need to know about my first venture into CZland?? ( ( ( (

07-14-2013, 13:49
Our brother owns a CZ52 and we have shot it a lot. The most striking thing about our brother's 52 is the amazing velocity and direction it hurls empty cases. Cases leave the ejection port about "head high" and travel up to 25-30 feet. Cases are ejected with such force that they may actually be dangerous to bystanders. Beware, and tell any onlookers to stand back.

Other than that, the CZ52 is a pretty good shooter and pretty accurate. Good luck with it.

We trudge on.

07-16-2013, 07:40
Thanks for the warning, Wetrudgeon!

I have heard of the flying brass "feature" on every forum I have haunted.

Task now is to find some ammo. ComBloc cartridges are not real popular in my area.

But the weapons are so cheap! I may get a Zastava next. ComBloc is not pretty to look at, but the stuff is built like tanks and just chugs along.

BTW - love the screen name!

07-16-2013, 16:01
Yes, the CZ 52 is built in keeping with Soviet military philosophy: Simple, robust, and cheap to manufacture in very large quantities. Designed and built to deliver a blow with no $$$ wasted on frills. The Makarov and Kalashnikov designs demonstrates this philosophy as well, along with all classes of weapons systems.

We have a friend who is a retired Navy pilot. He tells the story of seeing "up close" a number of Soviet military aircraft at the end of the "Cold War." He relates that he was astonished at the total lack of comfort and safety systems for the pilots. Not considered necessary in Soviet military thinking, because the pilot was cheap to train and there were plentiful candidates. But the propulsion and weapons systems were very impressive.

The Soviets were very practical thinkers...

Brother bought a significant quantity of 7.62X25 ordnance some years ago, but has not bought any recently. Don't now remember where he got it. Sorry we cannot be more help on that.

We trudge on.

07-16-2013, 21:41

I own one of those myself. Cool pistols...