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11-13-2013, 17:01
HOW long will it be , before we begin hearing phrases similar to..." you are eating the wrong stuff so no health care for you....

"slim down or no treatment for your __________" ( fill in as needed )

" you can't have that liver becuss you drink (drank) too much..."

" smoke or chew or infuse that substance and you get no treatment...."

" you're old...."

I am, we are, out.....:cool:

11-15-2013, 23:18
Once again, we are subject to the good old " I didn't know..." by our fearless non-leader....

Does he know ANYTHING ?

seems not.

If you give in to o'Bumma Care, you will give in to all government intrusions...the collapse is really gonna hurt.

1984 is here.

out ...:cool:

11-16-2013, 00:34
"Nothing so needs reforming as other people's habits." -Mark Twain

Michael Rye
11-16-2013, 08:46
It's already started in a lot of instances. But you know what's comical? If there really are 'genetic lottery winners and losers' like that idiot MIT professor asserts, then logically there shouldn't be a need to ban anything.

Angry Fist
11-16-2013, 09:40
Won't be long. Depends on how many dumbasses are still willing to hand control of their lives over to the ***holes in DC.