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01-02-2014, 13:04

01-02-2014, 13:48
John Payne is the executive director of Show-Me Cannabis and lives in St. Louis, Missouri.

This pretty much sums it up for me. :upeyes:

01-16-2014, 00:26
It tells me a lot too. Like he believes a recreational drug isn't a danger. Or at least not half as much as alcohol.

Heck, we've got roadblocks set up to stop every driver along a certain section of road because the danger from alcohol is so high.

I guess discussing the individual is better than addressing the topic though.

01-16-2014, 14:39
I'll address the topic:

He, and others that think like him, are idiots. Agencies from different levels of government rarely work well together. State folks generally look down on locals, feds look down on the staties, and don't even consider a fed working WITH a local.

Hell, most of the time, agencies at the same level don't get along. There's plenty of infighting and backstabbing at every level of every agency. There's also ass covering, which generally involves throwing someone under the bus. That's always good for interagency cooperation.

I've got 14 years in LE, and speak from firsthand experience. I don't need studies, opinion pieces from stoners, or anything resembling that trivial nonsense. I've seen it, firsthand.


Oh yeah, you got all butthurt about getting hooked in a park for carrying a gun, and have made it your life's mission to "educate" cops about guns. The fact that you come to a firearms board - NOT a cop board - and try to troll the cops on here speaks volumes to both your intent and your ability to think.

Your intent is obvious - you think cops are bad, and don't like them. Thus, you happily come and play in Eric's yard and do the passive-aggressive "Who, me?" BS, just dancing around the line enough to irritate the mods - but, not enough for them to give you the boot.

As far as your little thinking cap goes - you obviously don't use one often, or at all. You came onto a gun board to poke the cops who frequent the same gun board. Um....the very fact that officers participate here is a good indicator - or, to use professional terminology - a BIG ****ING CLUE - that those who do are pro-gun.

Instead of trying to gain insight on why officers act the way we do when we encounter armed folks - you'd rather poke at us. That's fine. You'll end up just like's only a matter of time.

01-16-2014, 15:32
Oh, stop please, you're giving me an inappropriate 'man reaction ( ':crying:

By the way, I didn't get 'butthurt' about being arrested on a bogus charge, I done got paid*, my friend.
Let me know when you're free and I'll let you shoot the AR I built with the settlement check from the security guard's employers.

According to the judge's decision, the officers did absolutely the right thing in reaction to a "mwag" call. I have no problem with them doing the same thing again, should they so desire.

*technically, I got free food, a medical exam, a no-cost criminal background check AND paid, I guess.

01-16-2014, 17:59
I have my own, thanks. Along with the neat little Colt M-16 armorer's school. Twice.

And, I would debate your claim that you'd have no problem with it - unless that's your snarky little way of saying you'd like to hit the lawsuit lottery again. I read the entire thread when you first joined. The very last thing in this world you law enforcement. It's evident in all your posts; don't think your little "Who? Little ol' innocent me?" game is fooling anyone, least of all the trained and experienced officers who frequent this board.

I'd also like to note that, despite your criticism of an officer who you felt didn't address the issue, you failed to address the fact that the officers who frequent this particular gun forum are gun rights supporters. Being such, we are not the ones with whom you have a quarrel. Yet, you choose to belittle, insult, deride, and whatever other synonym you can find in your copy of Roget's, the officers who are on this board.

As I said, you'll go down Leonard's path one day, I'm sure of it. If you're unaware of who Leonard is, feel free to search for him in Carry Issues. Or, just use Google. He's all over the interwebs as a shining example of how NOT to do things. Kinda funny, really.

In any case, why do you insist on trolling the pro-gun officers on this board? Surely there are other boards more amenable to your views? I can think of at least two gun boards I don't visit, simply because they allow free reign of trolls such as yourself. THeRe ARe Far more COMmon places for folks like you to find like minds. Try hanging out over there.