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04-09-2014, 20:23
First off, I have been doing some testing with different bullets for my 357 magnum and I ran across several boxes of Barnes bullets their 140g XPB HP at the place where i pick up reloading supplies.

I have never tested with Barnes bullets before so I started doing some digging around. I do not have a Barnes Reloading Manual and data is a bit scars on line. Today I emailed Barnes Tech folks for some data but until that comes I was wondering if any of you out there have experience with this bullet in a 357 magnum platform?

I know the bullet construction is a bit longer than say a Hornady 140g XTP (Barnes = 775" & Hornady = 600"). This is a lead free all copper bullet. I know with a longer bullet comes various concerns as well so any thoughts here again would help.

I will be testing for some simple target rounds and a hunting type round. Guns used will be a S&W 28-2, 357 Magnum w/6" heavy barrel and a Rossi lever action carbine (38 spc., 357 mag.) w/20" barrel.

If anyone has any experience with this bullet and or load data or advice in general they could share, I would appreciate that.

Thanks in advance.