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04-10-2014, 11:54
I went and got some powder and primers today. They had the CCIs all stacked together and I grabbed the wrong primers.

I usually use the #400 SRP for .223 in my AR but I grabbed the BR-4 SRP by mistake.(bench rest primers) So is there really any difference between the two other than price? I don't really want to work up new loads to use only 1k primers.

04-10-2014, 12:38
The issue is not the load. Rather, it's the strength of the primer cup. If you're willing to risk a blown primer, or a blown out primer rattling around in your rifle, you don't have a problem. In all likelihood, you won't have a problem on any account.

04-10-2014, 12:56
So I take it the primer cup is thinner or softer on the BR to increase reliability?

I am not running max loads. I can use the BR4 for plinking fmj loads or cast boolit loads.

SJ 40
04-10-2014, 13:09
My understanding from the same question I asked CCI/Omark was the primers were compound weight consistent,cups were same hardness as standard primers with the exception of BR marking. SJ 40

04-10-2014, 13:24
CCI BR4, very similar to CCI’s standard small primer (CCI 400), but with a slightly thicker cup (.025″ instead of .020″) and stamped “Benchrest” to indicate it is “match quality.”

04-10-2014, 14:45
You grabbed a higher quality , more consistent box of primers . Save them for a lower quantity of more precision loads if you load for accuracy and consistent groups . IMHO while primers do have a say in overall accuracy , I have not found it to be too significant .

04-10-2014, 17:39
Ok so the BR are thicker, the opposite of what I thought. Thanks for the info everyone.