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08-25-2003, 20:04
This thread will be dedicated to Ramshot powders.

08-25-2003, 20:04
I made a call to Ramshot regarding their True Blue powder. I was told that "as far as I can tell no one had ever tried that powder in 10mm". I told them that I would. I also gave them my Enforcer data that I had developed, just in case they were interested. Anyway, here it is: 10 shot avg, virgin Starline brass, CCI 350 primers, 1.26 OAL.


10.8 TB 135 Nosler - 1301fps
11.5 TB 135 Nosler - 1393fps
10.0 TB 155GDHP - 1204fps
10.8 TB 155GDHP - 1284fps
9.3 TB 165 Sierra - 1149fps
10.0 TB 165 Sierra - 1216fps
8.7 TB 180XTP - 1048fps
9.3 TB 180XTP - 1091fps
8.1 TB 200XTP - 1014fps
8.7 TB 200XTP - 1070fps
7.0 TB 220 West Coast FP - 869fps
7.5 TB 220 West Coast FP - 925fps


10.8 TB 135 Nosler - 1488fps
11.5 TB 135 Nosler - 1542fps
10.0 TB 155 GDHP - 1325fps
10.8 TB 155 GDHP - 1432fps
9.3 TB 165 Sierra - 1268fps
10.0 TB 165 Sierra - 1380fps
8.7 TB 180XTP - 1145fps
9.3 TB 180XTP - 1235fps
8.1 TB 200XTP - 1109fps
8.7 TB 200XTP - 1182fps
7.0 TB 220 West Coast FP - 982fps
7.5 TB 220 West Coast FP - 1042fps

I think that this is the tip of the iceburg for this powder. I know that these velocities are not head-snappers, but these were very conservative "starter loads". This powder meters perfect and exhibits less pressure in than 180 UMC in all loadings shown! I will follow up with part two in a few days!

For comparison:
G29 10.8gr 800X 180XTP - 1255fps
6"KKM 10.8gr 800X 180XTP - 1508fps

-PS. Do not expect to get 800X or Blue Dot velocities from this powder, but I think that this stuff will definitely turns some heads.

08-25-2003, 20:05
True Blue update:
75F 3000ft elev all loads use 1.26" OAL CCI 350 primers.

135 Nosler JHP 12.5gr TB - 1438fps
155 GDHP 11.5gr TB - 1324fps
165 Sierra JHP 10.8gr TB - 1246fps
180 XTP 10.0gr TB - 1155fps
200 XTP 9.3gr TB - 1130fps
220 Precision FP 8.1gr TB - 1017fps

None of these loads exhibited signs of overpressure. I am very satisfied with the way that this powder meters, and performs. I will post my 6"KKM data shortly!

08-25-2003, 20:06
Same shooting session as before:

220 Precision FP 8.1gr TB - 1115fps
200 XTP 9.3gr TB = 1242fps
180 XTP 10.0gr TB - 1281fps
165 Sierra JHP 10.8gr TB - 1389fps
155 GDHP 11.5gr TB - 1477fps
135 Nosler JHP 12.5gr TB - 1566fps

There is still some room to grow comfortably!

08-25-2003, 20:06
Again, same shooting session as before, but with bone stock G20:

135 Nosler JHP 12.5gr TB - 1467fps
155 GDHP 11.5gr TB - 1355fps
165 Sierra JHP 10.8gr TB - 1312fps
180 XTP 10.0gr TB - 1235fps
200 XTP 9.3gr TB - 1191fps
220 Precision FP 8.1gr TB - 1052fps
Interesting powder.

08-25-2003, 20:14

15.0gr Enforcer 180FP - 1324fps


15.0gr Enforcer 180FP - 1148fps


15.0gr Enforcer 180FP - 1160fps

08-25-2003, 20:45
220gr WC= West Coast 220, PB= Precision Bullet 220
All loads use CCI 350 primers and 1.26" OAL

10.5gr Enforcer PB220 - 1068fps 6"KKM 70F
11.5gr Enforcer PB220 - 1140fps 6"KKM 70F
7.0gr True Blue WC220 - 982fps 6"KKM 85F
7.0gr True Blue WC220 - 869fps G29 85F
7.5gr True Blue WC220 - 1042fps 6"KKM 85F
7.5gr True Blue WC220 - 925fps G29 85F
8.1gr True Blue PB220 - 1017fps G29 75F
8.1gr True Blue PB220 - 1052fps G20 75F
8.1gr True Blue PB220 - 1115fps 6"KKM 75F

06-10-2004, 17:23
From Markkk9:

I sent RamShot and e-mail about load their powder in the 10mm, they said to use max 40 load data to start and work up slowly. The data below was shot with a Colt Delta in 20 round strings.

Winchester cases, Federal 155 Large Pistol Mag, OAL 1.25, TNT plated 180 RN/FP.

Enforcer: 13.0
Low: 1106
High: 1141
Average: 1121
Extreme spread: 35
Standard Deviation: 9.75
TNT 180gr plated Power Factor: 202

Enforcer: 13.5
Low: 1143
High: 1173
Average: 1158
Extreme spread: 30
Standard Deviation: 9.41
TNT 180gr plated Power Factor: 208

Enforcer: 14.0
Low: 1169
High: 1236
Average: 1208
Extreme spread: 67
Standard Deviation: 16.18
TNT 180gr plated Power Factor: 217

Enforcer: 14.5
Low: 1217
High: 1258
Average 1241
Extreme spread: 41
Standard Deviation: 11.33
TNT 180gr plated Power Factor: 223

Enforcer: 15.0
Low: 1245
High: 1292
Average 1270
Extreme spread: 47
Standard Deviation: 11.13
TNT 180gr plated Power Factor: 229


06-10-2004, 22:39
True Blue should load the same as HS-6 and W-540.Enforcer should load same as AA#9.Silhouette is same the same as Winchester Action Pistol WAP.

06-21-2004, 21:17
Ramshot has their load guide back online http://ramshot.com/powders/

09-01-2004, 10:15
Does anyone know where I can by Ramshot powder? I e-mailed them two weeks and never received a reply. I live in West Michigan and I suspect I'll have to pay the haz-mat fee, but I think enough of my friends will want some to make a bulk order workable.

Megastar 10
09-01-2004, 15:38


Graf's web page sucks, but they have it.

09-02-2004, 06:54

How much muzzle flash do true blue and enforcer have?

07-05-2005, 01:57
Originally posted by Tito

How much muzzle flash do true blue and enforcer have?

Haven't tried it in the 10mm, but my dad has tried the afermentioned Ramshot powders in the .45 ACP and they shoot very clean with little flash. Often times, the brass are still shiney inside after being fired.

Ramshot powders are also supposed to be temperature insensitive and we have found they meter consistantly from our Dillon 550 series progressive press. In fact, my dad and I find ourselves turning more and more to Ramshot powders whenever possible.

Tiel Raptor
09-29-2006, 13:24
Ramshot's ZIP and TRUE BLUE shot very clean!

I use the ZIP in my 9mm and .380 loads.
TRUE BLUE goes in my 40 S&W and 41 Magnum loads. I didn't think anything would turn me away from BLUEDOT for these calibers, but TB is cheaper and cleaner.

Jerry :banana:

12-31-2006, 02:07
Here's the current data from Ramshot's website. This is their reloading guide #4.1 (2006).

Case: Unknown
Primer: Winchester Large Pistol
Barrel: 5"
OAL: 1.260" (regardless of different bullets, they're all this length)

Bullet Powder Start Max Velocity Pressure
Lyman 200gr LTC Silhouette 5.8grs 6.7grs 1000 fps 34,250 psi
Hornady 200gr XTP Silhouette 6.9grs 7.8grs 1025 fps 35,700 psi
Sierra 190gr FPJ Silhouette 7.4grs 8.3grs 1185 fps 34,700 psi
Sierra 180gr JHC Silhouette 7.5grs 8.4grs 1210 fps 34,400 psi
Lyman 170gr LSWC Silhouette 7.4grs 8.2grs 1220 fps 34,100 psi
Winchester 170gr JHP Silhouette 7.9grs 9.1grs 1285 fps 34,600 psi
Hornady 155gr XTP Silhouette 8.8grs 9.7grs 1355 fps 35,400 psi
Sierra 150gr JHC Silhouette 8.7grs 9.8grs 1395 fps 35,500 psi

Note that the only powder listed by Ramshot is still Silhouette. Not much in the way of load development there. You'd think Ramshot would realize that True Blue and Enforcer would accomplish a lot more than Silhouette in the 10mm...

04-09-2009, 21:35
I wanted some additional information from Ramshot regarding Enforcer and True Blue because they don't have any official data published. McNett seems to be getting pretty good velocities from his enforcer load. Anyway, I sent an email and Ramshot responded promptly.

From Ramshot via email:
Since Enforcer is way too slow burning for the 10mm Auto it will require a severe compression with a loading density of 120%+ and we do not publish loads that compressed for general use.
Since there is no danger of causing over pressure you can certainly experiment with any level of compression that you are willing to do with that combination.
For True Blue we suggest as follows.

Caliber: 10mm Auto.
Barrel length: 5”
Powder: Ramshot – TRUEBLUE
Bullet weight: 155 grains.
Start load: 9.0 grains (1200 – 1300 Ft/p/sec)
Maximum load: 10.0 grains (1300 – 1400 Ft/p/sec).
Bullet weight: 180 grains.
Start load: 7.5 grains (1050 – 1150 Ft/p/sec)
Maximum load: 8.6 grains (1150 – 1250 Ft/p/sec).
Bullet weight: 200 grains.
Start load: 7.1 grains (980 - 1025 Ft/p/sec)
Maximum load: 7.9 grains (1050 – 1150 Ft/p/sec).

06-08-2009, 12:17
This is good info guys, as I'm getting a progressive press to load off my 10mm addicaiton.

10-05-2010, 16:58
I didnt get great velocity with Ramshot Silhoutte, but worked up some nice range loads;

G20 LW ported barrel,180gr FMJ, 1.252" COAL, Winchester Large non-magnum primers

Ramshot Silhoutte 8.0gr


No malfunctions at all, all cases looked great, and gun cycles fine without any issues with 22lb spring.

10-26-2010, 17:46
I didnt get great velocity with Ramshot Silhoutte, but worked up some nice range loads;

G20 LW ported barrel,180gr FMJ, 1.252" COAL, Winchester Large non-magnum primers

Ramshot Silhoutte 8.0gr


No malfunctions at all, all cases looked great, and gun cycles fine without any issues with 22lb spring.
This is my current working up load in my 10mm...I`ll be back with some velocity data soon...

10-30-2011, 20:29
I've been using Silhoutte for about 2 years now. I like it and I feel it doesn't get a fair shake from some. It serves my purpose and it always seems to be available. Always. Can't say that about some of the more popular powders.

So, I present to you the load data that I acquired today while at the range. I suspect a few of you will have the need to opine about the loads being a little hot. Please refrain from doing so as I am well aware of all that I am doing and feel comfortable doing so. Bear in mind that Ramshot's loading guide lists 8.4 grains as their max load for 180 gr. bullets. Surprisingly, my average velocity is damn near identical to what Ramshot lists for 8.4 gr. The resulting pressure for said load is 34,400 psi. Kinda sucks because the "10" is rated to 37,500 psi but can withstand up to 42,900 psi. I say that cautiously and prefer not to argue the point. The brass is slightly bulged with the loads at 9.0 gr. and larger and I will be able to resize fairly easily. No worries here. Been there, done that.

Today's testing was accomplished using my G20 with a Lone Wolf Barrel (stock length) along with a 22# recoil spring riding on a stainless steel guide rod. Cases are Starline shooting 180 gr. Hornady XTP JHP. The chrono is a model F1 Shooting Chrony. Distance from chrono was 6 feet. Ambient temperature was 45 deg. with overcast skies. C.O.L. were set at 1.258" - 1.259" WLP primers are employed to light the fire.
As a disclaimer I must inform you that these loads are what I use (and have used) and in no way do I take responsibility if you blow your s**t up! Proceed with caution.
So here we go. Let the chips fall where they may.

8.4 Grains
Avg. 1209.66 (Silhoutte specs out at 1210):cool:
S.D. 10.78
E.S. 28

8.6 Grains
Avg. 1241.16
S.D. 13.4
E.S. 32

8.8 Grains
Avg 1270.16
S.D . 8.37
E.S. 21

9.0 Grains (This is my do-it-all load I use for hunting, plinking, etc. Developed this by trial and error and without the benefit of a chrono.)
Avg. 1273.16
S.D. 8.47
E.S. 20
(It appears that this load is damn near identical to 8.8 grains. I will need to retest this spring to verify these two loads.)

9.2 Grains
Avg. 1293.00
S.D. 10.50
E.S. 28

9.4 Grains
Avg. 1309.16
S.D. 7.13
E.S. 20

9.6 Grains (This load looks promising)
Avg. 1331.83
S.D. 5.07
E.S. 12

9.8 Grains
Avg. 1350.83
S.D. 7.08

10.0 Grains
Avg. 1355.00
S.D. 10.07
E.S. 26
Not gaining much here over 9.8 grains.

Double Tap 180 Gr. JHP 1350 FPS (Yeah Right)
1301 --- Nice try, but not even close to 1350
Avg. 1277.16 - Not Bad
S.D. 18.88 - The worst of all strings fired.
E.S. 47 - Same here.

In all fairness the D.T. rounds performed as expected coming from a mass producer of ammunition. No surprises there. Hence one reason, of many, that we like to load our own.

I plan to re-run these tests if the weather conditions will be close to what they were today. But that probably wont come to fruition until spring. Deer season is upon us (next weekend).:supergrin:

01-02-2012, 06:52
loaded some true blue up and started new yr right. 9.2 gr blue,180gr jhp mon.gold,wlp primers col 1.250 chony dieds anyways good shooting,clean burning.also zip works great too.

11-24-2012, 22:57
Shot some 180gr SpeerTMJ's through a G20-SF with Ramshot Silhouette powder.
Glock 20SF with factory barrel and spring
Rounds were seated to1.26” COL
Circles are 5” at 25yards
Shooting was done off of a Caldwell Pistol Rest
Velocities taken with an Oehler Mod 33 chronograph. Skyscreens centered 8’ from muzzle.

Data on targets;
Average velocity
Velocity spread
Standard deviation



Ramshot is listing 8.4grs as a maximum load with a 180gr bullet. Case expansion is indicating this is a rather mild load. Watching expansion I took Silhouette up to 9.0grs. Four of five cases at 9.0grs showed acceptable expansion, except the one .4345”, which is where I stop.

8.4grs .4337, .4334, .4331, .4334, .4333
8.6grs .4334, .4333, .4331, .4337, .4336
8.8grs .4339, .4341, .4335, .4342, .4336
9.0grs .4336, .4345, .4342, .4338, .4341

07-16-2013, 14:26

How much muzzle flash do true blue and enforcer have?

Haven't used TB in 10mm but it is my favorite powder and most accurate powder for 9mm. Have also used it in .40SW but it is not my most accurate powder in .40's.

TB meters exceptionally well, is very clean and very low flash.

01-25-2015, 19:52
Played around with some Silhouette today. Loaded some softer-shooting rounds. I was impressed with the metering properties, and general cleanliness. With a powder of this burn speed, it is not one that I intended to seek the top end with. I leave that work to the slower burners.

These all cycled the G20 perfectly, and grouped pretty well.

This would be another option for everyday blasting, gaming, or for people who shoot your 10mms that might be recoil averse. Or because Silhouette is the only stinkin' powder that you can find in today's environment. It is good to have options when gun powders are scarce.

Bullet: Precision Delta 180 gr FMJ
Primer: CCI 300
Brass: mixed cases
Powder: Ramshot Silhouette
COL: 1.25"
Temp: 37F

7.5 gr: average velocity 964, ME 372
7.7 gr: average velocity 990, ME 391
7.9 gr: average velocity 998, ME 398

Ramshot compared very closely to Accurate no. 5 in metering and velocities. For example, 8.0 grains of A5 went 988 fps.