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10-05-2003, 17:18
My wife is getting a Glock26 or 19 and it has been hard to find a holster that fits a woman. Any suggestions?

Blue Nunn
10-05-2003, 21:11
Since I became an L.E.O. many years there have been significant changes concerning women. The most IRRITATING was that Holsters were made for the Male Anatomy!

Check out :

10-05-2003, 21:50
How does she want to carry? IWB, OWB, purse, shoulder rig, Smartcarry? I can recommend Rob's service for Tucker Gunleather. Just PM him (aka Tonerguy on GT) for his phone#. Then have your wife talk to him about his suggestions. I've got a Tucker paddle that is just super! I'm also sort of lusting after a Tucker Answer...
Coronado leather for purses :

Melissa Ann
10-06-2003, 12:25
For IDPA, I use a Blade-Tech ladies offset drop holster. It's Kydex. Concealable under baggy shirts, vests or jackets. Not so easily with a dress, skirt and the like. But I LOVE it. My draw is much smoother and faster since I started using it vs a regular holster.

When I get my carry permit, I'll need to find an IWB holster of some sort, haven't had a chance to try any out yet. Good luck!

Melissa :)

10-10-2003, 10:53
I your wife wants something simple to start with I use a couple
FOBUS holsters off duty. Polymer type made in Israel. They are inexpensive; absolutely foolproof; indestructable. I have carried one on horseback in the backcountry for a couple years. The weapons stays in with a snap. There are mag holders as well. I use them on my belt under clothing or anywhere I can hook them. Just look up FOBUS on the internet. Or, you can get them at some gun shows. At our state Academy that is all the instructors are using. Good and reliable.


Melissa Ann
10-10-2003, 11:20
While I know some folks who like them a lot, I've not found a FOBUS holster I like even a little bit. As in all things, YMMV.