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11-19-2003, 08:37
I took a doe with my .44mag Dan Wesson revolver. 8" ported barrel. Open sights. 35 yards away, broadside. 1 shot through ribs into lung/kidney/liver. No exit. She ran about 75 yards and dropped.

My shot was probably 3 inches high and 3 inches left of spot just behind the point of elbow that I was aiming for. Of course, I couldn't actually see the point of the elbow because her shoulder and head were blocked by a tree. (I saw her good, but waited till she stopped, and I had a clear shot to her vitals).

Remington 240 grain semi-jacketed hollow points. Loud! (I don't do that often without ear protection, and that's a reminder why).

No pictures. Dressed out to 110 pounds. Average full-size young adult doe.

Now I can concentrate more on that buck that's been leaving a rub and scrape on my property!

11-22-2003, 09:56
Great story.

I'd love to hunt with my Ruger Redhawk - lucky you!

11-24-2003, 00:09
Shot my first "44Mag" deer, back in the 70's, when i started reloading 'Elmer Keith' loads.... made a big nasty hole with the Ruger SBH. Carry a 44mag; just about everywhere on the ranch, and it is good 'off the ranch as well.' The vaquero is easy for me to carry, and i have worked up a load over the years, to shoot 300gr. cast through it with (44 special), it will 'clean a deer's plow,' at close range and is 'very easy' on the aged hands.

The 44... Love it!

Good Hunting ! & congrats!