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11-23-2003, 19:57
Sorry, I don't have a better name for this, but everybody in my family knows exactly what the Oreo Stuff is;)

I posted this back when MallyB (I think it was, I am horrid with names) asked for quick ideas for the classes she was teaching but just in case some body missed it...

I got this recipe from a person in an Oral Communications class way back when, so if this was your demonstration, Thanks so much!!

You need:

A pack of your favorite Oreos

A large package of Cool Whip

A small bowl

Some milk, as needed but about a cup or so I would guess

Ok, dunk your Oreos in the milk. Layer them in a dish then layer the Cool Whip on top. Repeat until you run out of Oreos and Cool Whip. Sprinkle the crumbs from the pack on top. Put it in the 'fridge a bit to soften up then enjoy!

You may be skeptical, but I promise, this stuff is DIVINE;3

When I walk in my Grandpa's house carrying my dish Thanksgiving night I will be mobbed! By the BIG kids, as in the 25 year olds!

true believer
11-23-2003, 20:27
thanks, now i have to go out and buy oreo stuff...your making me hungry..:) :)

11-23-2003, 21:52

11-24-2003, 17:48
Wow, that does sound yummy. Thanks so much, my friends and I from work are getting together for Thanksgiving, and I am tasked with a few desserts. This will definetely be one of them.


11-27-2003, 21:54
Here's the results, Misskitty, on your wonderfully simple yet tasty Oreo Stuff.

Just to test out my work, I went and bought what many here in South Florida consider the best Key Lime Pie available. And I brought my Oreo Stuff.

So my friends ate some key lime, and they had my Oreo stuff, and they said the Oreo stuff was really good... but I wondered if they were just being nice. Then one of their daughters got a hold of it.

I should mention the picture below is her SECOND plate of Oreo Stuff. Kids do not lie about dessert! Thanks for the recipe, Misskitty, it went over real well!

11-27-2003, 21:59
I am glad they liked it!

Did you have any leftovers? It is better the second day;)

I didn't get to bring any back home with me.....

11-27-2003, 22:02
There was some left over, only because we had so many different pies to try (about 8) but I'm sure that the host and her family will take care of the rest of it soon!