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11-24-2003, 21:10
3lb pork shoulder
2-3 whole onions, peeled and cut in half
1 bottle of Stubbs BBQ sauce (very Atkins friendly) or your favorite BBQ sauce
Fresh baked rolls

Crock Pot

Place all ingredients, except rolls into crock pot, set on low and let it cook all day. The pork shoulder will automatically shred and the BBQ sauce will infuse into the meat. The onions will wilt and fall apart.

Serve hot on fresh baked rolls. Add side dishes like cole slaw and corn on the cob.

No napkins required. This is a finger licking experience...;f

11-24-2003, 22:06
Seems easy enough, i dont think even i can screw that up ;Q

I'll have to give this recipe a shot. ;c

knuckle dragger
11-24-2003, 22:59
Makes my mouth water thinking about that......thanks for the recipe Pmom!!

11-25-2003, 11:32
I'll have to look for Stubbs next time I'm at the store. Which store do you find it in Lis?

knuckle dragger
11-25-2003, 13:05
Sidearmor: im not lisa(but i play her on tv)hehe.....i can find Stubbs here in Tahoe at Safeway.