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11-28-2003, 16:30
Okay, here is my contribution to the ongoing recipe collection for the GT cookbook. I am sure Nestor will be able to add some valuable comments to this one.

Since the recipe is quite long, I wasn't sure how it would break between posts, so I put it on the net and provided a link here. Enjoy.

The recipe and story of Bigos (

11-29-2003, 15:27
Due to the very nature of the dish, each preparation is unique. No two bigoses are identical.
100% agree, every time it's taste different way. I love it. As I told you friends, two things you will can taste on my "new house party" will be bigos and Zubrowka (not toghether of course).
Great information, I will try your recipe for sure. Hmmmmm....

11-29-2003, 16:09
Careful there Nestor, that new house party might turn into a couple weeks long event if you count the hunt before to get the meat;)

I hope you like LOTS of houseguests;e

11-29-2003, 16:35
I love housequests especially from GT. You are welcome!