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hangmans joke
12-01-2003, 15:24
ok we have had 4 blenders in last 2 years, urks me ,damn plastic gear drives ,has anyone have a good recoomendation of a brand of blender to get?? ive see a stainless oster for like 48 bucks , the others were in 15 to 25 range. the damn gears keep stripping out , what blender do you use? hj

lethal tupperwa
12-01-2003, 17:54
Vita-mix mine is stainless steel and about 20 years old still works like new.

12-01-2003, 18:43
I have one of the Oster stainless steel base blenders. It is great. The best part is that I got it for $8 at a garage sale.

J Sand
12-01-2003, 23:19

I personally want this one, but it's a little spendy.

12-01-2003, 23:51
agree, kitchen-aid makes the best counter appliances bar-none.

12-02-2003, 08:57
I use my Braun hand held electric blender more than anything else. It's great for blending hot and spicy things into pasta sauce in portions appropriate for a single guy.

12-02-2003, 11:04
It sounds like you use it a lot. Why not invest in a commercial quality blender? They can be had for comparable prices to the KitchenAid one noted above.

Here ( are some that I found on a quick search.

12-05-2003, 19:22
I've got a commercial quality hamilton beech bar blender with the stainless steel pitcher. That's the only way to go for margs. The metal container facilitates refreezing of the marg for that extra slushy texture. The extra power is also a big plus. Its taken about 10 years of hard use to get it almost worn out. They are available on line for about a hundred bucks.

12-12-2003, 18:37
I have a kitchenaid, I like it a lot. Sister has a commercial version of a Oster with two jars, one glass, one SS.
If I had to get one more powerful, I would go to the Restaurant supply stores and get a Hamilton Beach. Those things look downright industrial.
I'm surprised no one has a Waring.

12-12-2003, 18:41
I second the Vita-Mix. You can get a refurb one from Vita-Mix or at the Costco Roadshows for about $380. It will last you a lifetime. There is no better blender. Just go to any juice shop (Jamba Juice) and see what they use.

Not only can you blend, but you can chop, shread, make ice cream, and hot soups.

Grey Wolf
12-13-2003, 02:22
This is the ultimate blender. (

Sorry I couldn't resist, they look cool but for the $$$ beer and Water bare cheaper than mixed drinks while camping.

Stay safe

Grey Wolf

12-16-2003, 10:06
I have a Vita Mix...and wouldn't trade it for the world. Best blender out there, if you ask me. A wee bit pricey...but they last forever and will even blend the dog, that's if you want the dog blended...;g

12-17-2003, 19:58