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12-04-2003, 02:08
Da Ebonics Crimmus Pome

Wuz de night befo' Crimmus
'n all over d' hood
Erey body wuz sleepin'
an sleepin' reel good

We hunged up our stockins'
An hopeded like heck
That ol' Sanna Claws
Be a'bringin' dat check

All o' de fambly
wuz layin' in bed
while Ripple 'n T'bird
Roar thru' dey head

I'se out on th' flo'
right next to my maw
when I heered such a fuss,
thunk: it mus' be d' law!

Lookeded out th' bars
what covers my do'
'spectin' the shurf
with a paper. f'sho!

'n what did I see?
I says, "Lawd, look-a dat!"
They'z a HUGE water'mellon
Pulled by giant wharf rats

Now, all o' dese yeers,
Sanna Claws he be white
But looks like us bros
gits a black one tonight

Faster'n a polees car,
my home boy he came
He whupped on dem wharf rats
'n called 'em by name

"On Leroy, on Lonzo,
'n on Willie Lee
On saphire, 'n Shaneekwa
Dey wuz a sight to see

He landed dat mellon
out dere in th' street,
I knew it was sho'
the damndest thing I seen

He didn't use no chimbly
he picked the lock on my do'
An i sez to myself,
****, he done THIS befo'

He had dis big bag,
full o' presents, I speck
Wid Air Jordans 'n fake gold
to hang roun' my neck.

But he lef' no good presents
Jus' stole all my crap
Took my guns, 'n my drugs
and my new burglar's kit

Wid my stuff in th' bag,
out d' winder he flew
I wouldda tried to ketch 'im
but he stoled my knife, too

He jump on dat watermellon
an whipped out a switch
He was gone in a secont,
dat sunuvagun

Nex' year I be hopin'
'Nutha Sanna we git
cuz dis here Sanny Claws
he ain' wurth a crap

12-04-2003, 14:10
What type of person thinks this kind of stuff is funny anyway? I'm just curious.