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Porter Rockwell
12-10-2003, 11:16
Greetings Ya'll, (Weird for a Utah boy to say that, but my wife is a Houstonian so I'm used to hearing it).

My questions for you Texas waterfowl boys are these: (I did a search on the Texas Parks etc site and it wasn't real helpful, hence my questions).

I may be in Texas (South Houston, Texas City, Galveston area) during the Christmas holidays and/or the New year. I would love to spend a few days enjoying the in-laws and I would like to spend a few days NOT enjoying the in-laws. I have never duck hunted in Texas and I hear that this is prime time in the Southern region. The Utah hunt has being fair, but nothing to rave about. Therefore:

1) What is the cost for an out of State license to hunt waterfowl?

2) Can a daily or several concurrent day license be obtained?

3) Are their good public lands to hunt in the aforementioned areas or do I need to try and contact an outfitter? Any you might recommend?

Thanks in advance for the help.


12-10-2003, 22:15
Some body at www.duckstickers.net will know