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12-10-2003, 19:20
What is everyone's opinion on the best flight school in the USA? Embry Riddle? University of North Dakota? Spartan? Etc....

I'd like to hear your opinions, and why.

12-10-2003, 20:46
Before I decided to go to Cornell, I visited UND - VERY IMPRESSED. I visited ERAU once, but didn't see enough to get a good feel for it.

If you're referring to non-academic schools, I'd have to say ALLATPs and FCI. I went to both (multi and emergency maneuvers training, respectively), and was amazed at the way they ran those places (probably because they dealt mostly with more experienced pilots).

I also attended Pan Am International Flight Academy in FL and wasn't impressed at all. I felt like all they wanted was my money and didn't care about my training. The worst, by far, was volar helicopters - left there in 40 hours...what a disaster.

Blue Skies!

12-10-2003, 20:58
first have to seperate the types of flight schools:

local FBO: these will get you your flight certificates. alot of studying on your part. usually cheaper than the others listed below.

Academies: pan-am and flight safety are two of the more well known companies. these academies are more set up to train pilots for a career in avation with classes dealing in all aspects of aviation. you'll get a great education and your flight certificats. downside is it's usually more expensive than the local FBO.

College/University:these insitutions offer a two fold advantage for a career seeking pilot. not only can you get your flight certificates but also a degree. you'll find anything from local communitity colleges offering flight courses on up to the likes of UND and Riddle. These will be the most expensive of the bunch, but they offer you a college degree that can be used in any field.

i'm an alumni from Embry-Riddle and can say that you'll get a top notch education there in both aviation and other forms of study *my minor is in psychology/human factors* so it gives you alot of options other than just flying.

if your looking for a career in aviation i'd definitely look more into the colleges and universities that offer you a chance to get a degree and also flight training. with a degree it'll give you options for other fields in case the flying part doesn't live up to expecations.

12-10-2003, 23:10

(Class of 2003 here) ;)

Rusty Shackleford
12-11-2003, 09:00
ERAU was great imho.

12-11-2003, 19:15
Went to riddle (grad of 99.. well should have been 98.. ah well)

Great academics for aviation.

For flight training, like *EVERY* school out there, it will depend on your instructor. Most are good, but some were not. I was very fortunate in that I had awesome instructors. YMMV if you go there, but that is true with any learning institution.

I can not badmouth riddle.... I'm where I am today because of them.

Expensive as hell, tho

12-11-2003, 21:02
Pretty much what all the others have said about everything... the biggest university flight schools are probably Riddle, UND, Western Michigan, and Purdue. I've met people that enjoyed Riddle, and I know people that hated Riddle. Some people love WMU, some people hate it.

But yeah, I think Riddle is around $150,000 these days... ;G

12-12-2003, 00:51
FlightSafety Academy!!!
The equipment was sweet, the faculty is great, the facilities are great, the weather is awesome (I'm from MI), the town is fancy, nice, safe, but there is only one bad thing i can say about FlightSafety......NO GIRLS
The school is about 95% dudes - a real sausage fest
and the town is all old people (rich old people) and occationally you'll come across a nice group of spring break honeys or out of towners visiting family, but I was seriously bummed about that. At least I studied a lot.
You fly every day - i had some 13 hour days there for classes, flying, sims, ect...and you'll get done fast

I highly reccommend FSA if you really, really care about your education. They take care of all of the loan stuff...just show up and fly. The place is top-notch

12-12-2003, 05:44
Ft Rucker, Alabama.


12-18-2003, 23:29
USN - Pensacola, Florida - the road to "Wings of Gold"

Medpilot 2
12-18-2003, 23:53
I had a bad experience at Spartan.
I attended 1996-99. They raised their rates several times while I was there and promised that they wouldn't. They bought a fleet of Katanas and then grounded the whole fleet several months later after a few accidents with them, so that left us with very few a/c to train with. Most of the instructors had less than 500 hours themselves. Instructors and planes were so scarce that I would schedule myself every day of the week to fly and end only flying once a week. My credits were not brought forward to the next quarter so my finical aid was dropped. Spartan did nothing to compensate me for this mistake they had made. I could keep on going, but I think you get the idea. Just a bad experience over all.

12-19-2003, 19:57
The AZ campus of Riddle is at Prescott, AZ and is in a small town area, about 100 miles north of Pheonix. Elevetion is about 5000 ft.
Almost next door to the airport they use is the Ruger plant where they make semi-autos.
Gun friendly AZ is always a plus!;f ;f

12-19-2003, 21:33
And GUNSITE is within reach from Prescot !!!!!!!!!!!!

W. Bell
12-24-2003, 21:45
Any of those that also teach how to land.