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12-17-2003, 01:56
Does anyone prospect on here?
I love getting out in the country and hunt for that little yellow rock.
I had to quit for a while because my partner got fed up with CA and it's insane gun laws. We were doing pretty good in one area untill 3 BG's liberated our gold. We reported it to the ranger who told us there was nothing he could do about it.
then he asked us if we had any weapons. (I'll admit we were stupid that time but we learned real fast) I told him that I had a little 22 that I could bring with us. I thought he was going to bust a gut laughing at me sooooo I bought 2 glocks a mod 22 used and a mod 27 nib. I bought them (all legal like) from my sis-in-law whose husband decided he didn't want to be a cop anymore, good price too 200.00 ;f

12-17-2003, 16:26
nice choices the glock is tough enough to stand up to the harsh enviroment out there and the .40 is a good round

NOW just pratice with it make sure you can use it

and make sure it is with you when your out inthe boonies

12-17-2003, 17:35
forgot to mention
i usuallay carry my 23 when in the back country as it is lighter than my S w 29

12-17-2003, 20:59
I'm a veteran (army) and I go to the police range with our local feds. Last time out there I shot 236 out of a possable 240, tight grouping too. Both of them feel as if they were made especialy for me. JDT:cool:

12-18-2003, 22:47
it sounds like a cool hobby

how do you like your glocks?