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12-17-2003, 11:13
What do you pay for an hour of your CFI's time?

And if he works for a FBO or school that markes his rate up, how much does he take home?

Also, please indicate if he's a new CFI, a Gold Seal, Double Good, Thrice Blessed by the FAA instructor, or somewhere in between.

Just trying to figure out what kind of income potential there is teaching flying.

12-17-2003, 11:30
I go to a Part 141 school at one of the larger aviation universities. From what I understand, there are "full-timers" and "part-timers."

The full-timers are generally the more experienced instructors that also run the ground school classes, and they are salaried ($40,000-$50,000 maybe?). The full-timers are also usually the instructors that are making a career in the CFI field.

The part-timers (the bulk of the instructing staff) are the instructors that get paid by the number of hours they are instructing. However, for most of them its a full-time job and they're at the airport all day.

As students, we pay $43/hr regardless of which instructor or whether its flight or ground instruction (ground school not included). I don't know how much the instructor gets from that rate, but I really don't think it could be much more than half.

My instructor is a CFI-I that has been instructing for about 3 years, I believe. Our school also has a couple Master CFIs.

I hope that sort of explains it.