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12-18-2003, 13:21
I don't mind eating cooked hams such as the good honeyed ones from Virginia or French Madrange. But cured hams are the best!!! The flavors are more real and complex. There are so many different cured hams out there and most of them are good, but I think that I have to say that Spanish hams are the best (Jamon Iberico being the ne plus ultra with the easier-to-find Jamon Serrano following second). Italy follows close second with their own myriad offerings of prosciutto, capicolla, pancetta, linguisca, et al. The German/Austrian hams are also great!

Geeze, I'm really hungry now and we haven't even touched on sausages. Yum!;9 ~2

12-18-2003, 14:01
The Spanish really know how to do ham right. There are so many different varieties of ham avaiable in Spain. When I was in Madrid, I found this wonderful place. It is called El Museo del Jamon (The Museum of Ham). They had cheap beer and cheap food. All the food had ham in it. The entire ceiling of the place was hams that were curing. Each ham had a little drip cup to catch any drippings. This was not a hang out for vegetarians. ;f

Here is a more information with pictures:
Link (http://www.quovadimus.org/spain99/ham/thumb.html)

12-18-2003, 16:16
The French have their cheese and wines, the Spaniards have their hams, the Germans have their beers, the Italians have their sausages, but best of all is the USA. We have money to buy all this stuff with!!! Hoo-ah!

12-18-2003, 18:19
I do not like "typical" ham like a Honey Baked Ham. I LOVE Iberian cured ham and sausage.