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12-19-2003, 11:44
I was able to hunt in Canada and in upstate New York this year. I had a great hunt in Canada taking a large ten pointer(my best deer.) I was not as lucky in NY, but several of my friends got deer. In Canada, 80 miles north of Toronto, there is no sign or talk of deer ticks. When we hunted NY we had do a tick check everyday. I was lucky and didn't find any on me, but several others had ticks on them daily and every deer harvested was loaded with them. We layed a large plastic under the deer when we hung them up. The next morning there were alot of ticks that fell off as the deer became cold. I know several people in NY that are on medication for Lyme tick. Has anyone else experenced this problem this year? Is this just on the East coast or across the country?

12-19-2003, 14:08
We have 'em down here in Georgia. I'm lucky though, they don't like me. I have never had one stay on me. they have climbed on me and jumped off, but wont bite. Not that I am complaining...

12-19-2003, 15:00
If you hunt or frequent the outdoors in areas of Lyme disease, you may want to see how much the vaccination costs. Check the local Public Health Office. Still need to use bug repellent, close off entry ways on clothing and protect others from ticks from your kill.

12-20-2003, 06:54
my son-inlaw's neighbor is a pharmacist and he said that the shots for lyme tick arn't as effective as people think. How much time in the woods do you need to spend to warrent getting a shot for ticks. I have one friend,retired, who spends most of the year hunting and fishing across the country that got the shot. He says it seems to work for him, atleast no lyme tick yet

12-20-2003, 07:08
Well, the individual must answer the question is the vaccine a benefit for them and what is the risk. It was suggested as an option. As far as effectiveness, I would try to get some more opinions. Maybe from an Infectious Disease Specialist. If I can find anything else I'll post it to you.