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J Sand
12-19-2003, 14:12
Does anyone have any recommendations for a good slug. I currently use Winchester SuperX in a smoothbore barrel but was wondering if a hollowpoint slug would be more effective for taking down deer. Thanks for any input.

12-19-2003, 14:30
What you have is reasonable if you control the distance that you take game at. ( I would be reluctant to shoot at a deer 100+ yrds with one )

Almost all of the slugs out ( rifle or sabot ) are plentiful for deer. Pick a few brands that you can afford and shoot them to give them a try.

BTW: I shoot the federal barnes expander in my rifled hasting 870.

12-19-2003, 15:18
I can't say I've ever had a bad slug and I've used a bunch of different brands over the years. Since most of my deer hunting was when I was a poor high school kid, whatever was on sale is what I used.

1oz of lead hitting a deer at a decent rate of speed makes a dead deer. Providing you don't shoot it in the ass. ;f A slug won't get smaller and at about 3/4" I'd say that's a pretty good hole.

I've taken about a half dozen with 3/4oz 20ga slugs when I was a wee little one.

12-19-2003, 18:24
I just used the last of my Remington solid copper sabot rds. this year (the old style). They worked great. I understand that the new Remington's work equally well.
However, I swithed to the Lightfield sabot slug. At an ounce and a 1/4 it is a large projectile hitting a deer. They worked quite well this year. I am shooting them out of a Rem. 1187 with a rifled barrel. No fear taking a deer out to 135 yds or so.

12-20-2003, 19:04
Don't waste your money shooting sabot slugs out of a smoothbore barrel.

12-20-2003, 20:52
The only true difference in full bore diameter slugs is trajectory. The accuracy and velocity determine the range at which you can shoot a critter. 100 yards is no big deal for deer with any reasonable slug load. I shot a 6 pount bull elk at 80 yards with a 1 ounce slug, knocked him off his hooves!

Like the previous poster stated, the sabots are intended for rifled barrels and some can get you down right crankin' velocity and accuracy sufficient out to over 200 yards. However, some states, like CO for instance, do not allow sabots for hunting.

12-20-2003, 22:05
{Don't waste your money shooting sabot slugs out of a smoothbore barrel.}


i find it strange that people think that a sabot would be okay in a smoothbore bbl ;g

First thing I show them is a sabot carrier and then a rifled slug and ask them how do you expect any accuracy? It would be like throwing a football 40yrds with no spin.

Shooting a sabot out of a smoothbore is like taking $5+ and throwing it into the wind.

One other thing, sometimes rilfed slugs works best out of NON_rifled barrels. Take for example the typical brenneke magnum slug with pre-rifling cuts/depth/twist and now push that out of a 20" hasting bbl w/1in30 twist with rifling ( land/grooves ) and now you have to much rifling. In my past years testing slugs, I found that most rifled slugs works best in a smoothbore and sabot need "rifling" so you will need a barrel with rifling for them.

12-21-2003, 06:44
I never intended for the poster to use a sabot slug in a smooth bore barrel. I simply missed the fact that he was using a smooth bore barrel.
I agree, it is a waste shooting sabots in anything other than a rifled barre. But they sure do work in a rifled barrel. ;f

12-21-2003, 08:39
I recommend if you're going to shoot smoothbore then try several different makes and see which one your gun likes the best. My deer shotgun is a Rem 870 with 18" smootbore. I use W-W 1 oz foster type slugs. At 50 yds it will print cloverleaves. At 100 yds it will stay within 5". However, with Remington slugs it won't keep them on 11"X14" paper at 50 yds. Federals will shoot almost as good as the W-W. I haven't tried the Lightfield brand yet. A hunting buddy shoots them and swears they're the best thing going.

12-21-2003, 13:28
{ I haven't tried the Lightfield brand yet. A hunting buddy shoots them and swears they're the best thing going.

I tested a few at the begining of this year and they are very sweet. I can't remember what the brand name, but the "blue" IRCC was very nicein the accuracy and the hit about 1" low on my 870 that's zero @50yrds.

Very nice slugs with a radical sbaot carrrier.

{Federals will shoot almost as good as the W-W. }

I'm the totally opposite, Winchester foster slugs haven't been to nice to me for accuracy and Federal and Remington sluggers have been very very very nice. Remington new high velocitiy light weight slug ( 7/8oz ) is not to bad either, but still kinda hard on recoil but you have a projectile travleing over 1800fps from a shotgun, which isn't to bad.

Just like what bird & buck shot loads, you have to test each load in "your" gun.

12-21-2003, 14:02
Originally posted by method
Don't waste your money shooting sabot slugs out of a smoothbore barrel.

Good advice.

Slugs are like high power bullets.Some barrels like em some dont.

Pick up a box or two of different brands and try them out.What shoots the best is the ones you need to use.

As a general rule Brenekke(sp)slugs are the most accurate and have been in production for over 100 years.

01-09-2004, 01:50
say man if you use 12ga try the REM HIGH VELOCITY SLUGGER 3IN 7/8OZ.the slug comes out the muzzle at 1875fps it will do the job out 2 100yrds

01-09-2004, 08:01
blackopsglock said...
"Pick up a box or two of different brands and try them out. What shoots the best is the ones you need to use."

Good advice, I think It's as simple as that.

01-10-2004, 21:52
I've had good luck accuracy wise with Remington Sluggers, full and reduced recoil.

Just remember, Brenneke is the company that invented modern shotgun slugs a century ago. They know something about making slugs. :)

Brenneke, Remington, Federal, Winchester in that order accuracy wise in my experience, which is limited, granted (maybe a two boxes of each except Remington).

01-14-2004, 07:32
I shoot a 20" smooth slug barrel on an 870 and have had the best luck with Brenneke slugs. Even with a scope though, I feel like its a 75 yard weapon max, though I did kill a woodchuck (with a spotter calling my shots, all three of them) at over 85 yards with that setup!

More than a few deer have died using this, but the average range where I hunt in lower Michigan is probably less than 35 yards, so most anything would work!

Buy a few brands and test as long as your shoulder holds up!