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12-23-2003, 05:38
If he really, really is your buddy, he'll bring you this without any problem, right?

Hint: It's the Mutha of all canoes.

Texas T
12-24-2003, 20:45
Oh... but it would be so much fun to own something like that. :)


12-25-2003, 03:41
Right it would! Imagine the cruise parties!

Sta. 18
01-17-2004, 15:48
Dangit!! Auction Arms disabled the sellers account. My winning bid was for naught!!!

01-17-2004, 18:18
I bet you could land a 152 on that even without a tail hook.

01-18-2004, 18:32
I had one of those once but they are just not any fun unless there are a whole bunch of people on it. And have your ever tried to find a parking spot at the peer? It's just not as fun as it looks.