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12-25-2003, 22:19
I am looking for recommendations on two products from the knowledgable members of this forum.<ol><li>Meat grinder to make my own sausages (6-10 pounds at a time, maybe a little more, once in a blue moon). I would prefer a hand-cranked one for reliability and simplicity (but would consider others if very reliable). I have seen 3-4 different kinds of manual grinders online. Does anyone have personal experience or recommendation? Brand, model?</li><li>Pressure cooker, 10 qt or larger preferrable. Some I have seen can be quite expensive. Any recommendations from personal experience? Brand, model?</li></ol>

12-29-2003, 19:48
I have a meat grinding attachment for my Kitchen Aid, some low speed juicers have them as well. The cranked ones I have tried have always left metal in the meat (Porkert etc).
My favorite pressure cooker is the Kuhn Rikon. It is one of the "new" tech non spring valve hissing things your gramma had. They have 3 or 4 parts that will fail/open before they explode (very safe). They also feature a hi/lo indicator that lets you easily control the temperature.
I have a ton of recipes. PM me if anyone wants some.

12-29-2003, 20:54
I guess I will resign myself to an electric grinder. Everyone I talked to told me to forget about manual ones.

As to the pressure cooker, several people recommended Kuhn Rikon to me in the meantime. They seem to be the most popular ones (of the good ones). I wonder if you heard anything about Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry ( pressure cookers? I admit that their industrial look (and the fact that they don't use rubber gaskets) attracts me. However, I don't have any first-hand experiences with them.